After the process of making wine , the leftover liquors were discarded. With the idea in mind of using these products, and also considering the quality they have , was built at the initiative of the Cabildo Insular de Tenerife and the distillery operated by Island Wineries .


The distillery is located in the vicinity of BODEGAS INSULARES TENERIFE but is considered an independent company called Destilería Insular . The objective is that in the not too distant future distillery facilities also take advantage of other fruits distilled , not just the skins.


The purpose of the distillery waste is converted into a vintage generating raw material for another quality product.


Historically have been consumed and produced in spirits and Canary ( called " grapevine" ) , but has done clandestinely and without spending any quality control , leading to a potential consumer health risk.

The facility, launched by the Cabildo Insular Island Wineries and allows the production of high quality spirits canaries subjected to strict quality controls


Spirits used in the distillation now derived exclusively from the winery itself . However , it is possible to use the skins of other wineries and even other denominations of origin , opening the possibility of higher quantities and qualities of the raw material.


The distillery was launched in 2003, the year in which the first spirit liquor called Fayal was obtained. In vintage 2003 , with the first production of Fayal was developed.


Years later new preparations , herbal spirit , liquour with chestnut honey , and spirits in barrels last joined .

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